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  • Automobile industry

    Automobile industry

    With the development of technology, car hub units have been widely used in cars. The range and use of hub bearing units is growing, and now it has reached the third generation.

  • Mechanical field

    Mechanical field

    The bearing conditions in the mechanical field are harsh and the working load is large. According to the different products of the user, the service life of the bearing is placed in the first place.

  • Agricultural machine

    Agricultural machine

    Modern agriculture is growing in demand, and agricultural equipment needs to operate under challenging, high-intensity conditions to help equipment manufacturers achieve the reliability, safety, and environmental goals of a range of mechanical applications.

  • Railway field

    Railway field

    Modern rail vehicles are designed to provide high levels of passenger comfort, low noise and economy, and a variety of ball and roller bearings are used on the guidance of the drive shaft.

  • Motor field

    Motor field

    Continuous development of various motor bearing solutions with professional technology and rich industry experience, high quality, low frequency, reduced maintenance.

  • Ferrous metallurgy

    Ferrous metallurgy

    Metallurgical supporting bearings have the characteristics of heavy load and poor working conditions. According to its characteristics, various technical means are used to optimize the bearing structure.

  • Wind system

    Wind system

    Providing high-performance bearing solutions for the wind power industry to create a high-start bearing for high-speed bearing development

  • Textile field

    Textile field

    The bearings for the textile machine are the outer ring outer diameter with a retaining ring on both sides with a sealing ring and a tapered bushing and lock washer and accessories.

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