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Self-aligning ball bearing

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Self-aligning ball bearings have two types of structure: cylindrical hole and conical hole. The material of the cage is steel plate, synthetic resin, etc. Its characteristic is that the outer ring raceway is spherical, with self-alignment, which can compensate for errors caused by different heart degrees and shaft deflections, but the relative inclination of the inner and outer rings must not exceed 3 degrees.

     Can withstand large radial loads, but also can withstand certain axial loads. The outer ring raceway of this type of bearing is spherical, so it has self-aligning performance. When the shaft is bent or tilted by force, the inner ring line and the outer ring line are relatively inclined by not more than 1 ° ~ 2.5 °, the bearing can still work.

     Self-aligning ball bearings mainly bear radial loads and can withstand small axial loads. The axial displacement of the shaft (housing) is limited to the clearance limit, and it has self-aligning performance, allowing normal work under the condition that the inner and outer sides are relatively inclined. It is suitable for parts where the support seat hole cannot strictly guarantee coaxiality.

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