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Prevent overheating of imported bearing parts

      According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "1 + X" planning system for "Made in China 2025" has all been released. The "1" in the planning system refers to "Made in China 2025", and the "X" refers to five major project implementation guides, two special action guides, and four development planning guides.

      5 major project implementation guidelines include the construction of national manufacturing innovation centers, industrial strong foundations, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and high-end equipment innovation projects. Among them, the intelligent manufacturing project focuses on the popularization of digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing demonstration to promote the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry and advance the industry to the mid-to-high end; the high-end equipment innovation project focuses on breaking through the industrialization of a number of major equipment, and provides Industry upgrades provide advanced production tools.

The release of the planning system is not only a signal that China Made 2025 will accelerate its progress. For the instrumentation industry, it is also a booster to accelerate intelligent manufacturing and move towards high-end.

      The intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry has become the future development trend, not only policy guidance, but also the market is continuously pushing the instrumentation to intelligent transformation and upgrade. Taking power meters as an example, with the continuous development of China's electric power, smart grid and UHV construction have brought severe challenges to the instrumentation industry, and they are urgently needed to be increasingly intelligent. Not only in China, but also in the world, smart grid has become the only way for the development of modern grid technology. The realization of smart grid is not only the intelligence of the power transmission process, but also the intelligent realization of a whole set of links in the grid terminal and intermediate operations. process. In order to satisfy the construction of smart grids, power meters must continuously introduce and absorb the latest technological achievements, and continuously improve research and development capabilities.

      Since 2011, China's smart power meters have entered a high-speed development stage, and market sales have continued to expand, with a compound annual growth rate of 29.62% in the past three years. China's power meters have initially formed an industrial system with relatively complete product categories and a certain production scale and development capabilities. At present, many companies focus on the research, development, production and sales of high-end smart power meters, occupying a considerable proportion in the market. However, some high-profile foreign companies rely on their strong financial strength and high brand awareness, still occupy a certain share in the domestic market, especially in the high-end field.

      With the development of science and technology, the advantages of the high-precision field will be amplified. At that time, enterprises with high-end core technologies will occupy a dominant position in the fierce market. Despite the large market share of China's power instrumentation enterprises, a large number of scattered small and medium-sized enterprises will be in danger under the future wave of science and technology.

      The Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Yu once pointed out: "Taking smart manufacturing as the starting point and using the Internet to drive the entire industrial transformation and upgrading has become a top priority. The traditional traditional advantages of China's equipment manufacturing industry are waning, and the equipment manufacturing industry is experiencing a high speed of 25% per year The era of growth has ended. At present, intelligent manufacturing-oriented high-end equipment manufacturing is needed to lead the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry. In response to this situation, China will accelerate the development of key components and devices such as industrial robots, sensors, and intelligent instruments. Implement the special development of intelligent manufacturing equipment. "

      With the aid of policy, China's instrumentation enterprises should increase investment in scientific research, strengthen independent research and development of core technologies, improve product quality, and lay out high-end manufacturing fields to meet future high automation and intelligent trends, and meet more opportunities and challenges. arrival.

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