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Analysis of the causes of burns on imported bearings

      With the country's progress in building environmental protection nations, sewage treatment projects are being vigorously constructed throughout the country. Taking Shenzhen as an example, in order to better cooperate with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Water Affairs in the supervision of sewage treatment, in order to implement the national measurement regulations and create a fair, just, scientific, and trade settlement environment, the sewage treatment plant is used Begin regular calibration activities for flowmeters in trade settlement.

      Sewage treatment plants are one of the major sources of pollution monitored by environmental protection departments. According to the "Measures for the Management of Compulsory Verification of Work Measuring Instruments in the People's Republic of China", flowmeters used by sewage treatment plants for environmental monitoring or trade settlement fall within the scope of mandatory verification and must be carried out regularly. The purpose of verification or calibration is to ensure that the government effectively monitors the discharge of sewage treatment plants, and to better protect the legitimate interests of the country and consumers, so as to ensure the accurate and reliable transmission of sewage discharge flow meter values.

      Gauge as the eye of industrial production. Flow measurement is one of the components of measurement science and technology, and it is closely related to the national economy, national defense construction, and scientific research. Doing this work will play an important role in ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency, and promoting the development of science and technology. Especially in the current era of energy crisis and increasing degree of industrial production automation, flow meters are in the national economy. Status and role is more obvious. With the development of industry, the requirements for accuracy and range of flow measurement are becoming higher and higher. In order to adapt to various uses, various types of flowmeters have come out one after another. They are widely used in petroleum and natural gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, energy, metallurgy, pulp and paper and building materials industries.

      In the face of a fierce competition environment, and in order to meet the global demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, users in various industries pay more attention to the operating efficiency of production plants, reduce energy consumption as much as possible, and improve competitiveness. Therefore, a large amount of investment is used to improve the automation level of the factory and the collection and real-time monitoring of field data to improve the process control efficiency of the factory. For example, in the oil and gas and energy industries, reliable transmission fluid measurement equipment is required in closed transmission facilities; in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, high-precision flow meters are required. Various trends will definitely drive the development of sensors and field equipment (including flow meters). .

      Guiding users to accept and use new technology flowmeters, such as ultrasonic flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, thermal mass flowmeters and V-cone flowmeters, is another challenge for flowmeter manufacturers to make the market bigger and stronger.

      The development and breakthrough of core flowmeter technology has injected more than new blood into the flowmeter market. In the field of steam flowmeter technology innovation, Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has set an excellent example. A few days ago, four scientific research projects of the National Steam Flowmeter Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center passed acceptance, including one science and technology project of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and three science and technology projects of the Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau. In the science and technology project of Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the pipeline vibration suppression device developed by "Research on the Influence of Pipeline Vibration on the Metering Performance of Flowmeters and the Method of Vibration Reduction" effectively reduced the influence of pipeline vibration on the metering performance of flowmeters.

      Finally, as new technology flowmeters continue to be introduced into various industries, fast and effective after-sales service is equally important for manufacturers. Grasping the nature of market consumption may become another key point for the industry to detonate production.

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