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Teach you to identify the authenticity of the bearing

      On July 1, 2016, GB / T32201-2015 "Gas Flow Meter" officially started implementation. This standard was drafted on the basis of the international recommendation OIMLR137-1 & 2: 2012 of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML). All principle types of gas flowmeters are a national standard for universal gas flowmeters.

      Beijing Research Institute of Metrology and Testing, Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrumentation Research Institute, Chongqing Metrology and Quality Inspection Research Institute, China Metrology Research Institute, Chongqing Qianwei Crom Watch Industry Co., Ltd., Tianxin Instrument Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Cangnan Instrumentation Plant, Jinka Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Weixing Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd., Tianjin Xinke Complete Instrument Co., Ltd., PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline Company Nanjing Measurement Test Center, Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd., Beijing Public Utilities Science Research institutes, Chengdu Qinchuan Technology Development Co., Ltd., Rongcheng Yuxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. and other units participated in the drafting of this standard.

      The standard specifies the terms and definitions of gas flowmeters, measurement units, measurement requirements, technical requirements, markings, operating instructions, seals, applicability of pressure taking holes, measurement control, type evaluation, first verification and subsequent verification.

      The standard is applicable to flowmeters based on any measurement technology or working principle for measuring the volume or mass of gaseous fuel or other gases passed under working conditions. It also applies to additional electronic devices, built-in correction devices, and built-in temperature compensation devices. And other possible additional devices.

      The standard does not apply to flow meters that measure liquid gases, multiphase gases, steam, and compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensers that measure compressed natural gas.

      For the conversion device as a flow meter component or * product, the device for determining the high calorific value, and the gas flow measurement system composed of multiple units, see OIMLR140 for related requirements.

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