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Sliding bearing structure

Sliding bearings generally consist of a bearing bush and a bearing housing. The sliding bearing can be divided into a radial sliding bearing and a thrust sliding bearing according to the direction of the load it bears. Commonly used radial sliding bearings are available in both integral and split configurations.

Integral sliding bearing

Integral plain bearings are a common integral radial plain bearing that is bolted to the frame. A bearing bush made of friction reducing material is pressed into the bearing housing hole, and an oil cup is arranged on the top of the bearing housing, the oil hole is arranged on the sleeve, and the axial groove is opened on the inner surface to distribute lubricating oil.

The biggest advantage of the integral sliding bearing is that the structure is simple, but the bearing clearance cannot be adjusted when the bearing working surface is too worn; the journal can only be from the end

Part loading, which is inconvenient or impossible to install for heavy shafts or shafts with intermediate journals. In order to overcome these two shortcomings, splitting can be used

Dynamic bearings.

2. Split sliding bearing

The split type sliding bearing is composed of a bearing seat, a bearing cover, a split bearing bush and a connecting bolt.

The split surface of the bearing should be nearly perpendicular to the load direction. Most bearing split faces are horizontal and oblique. The split surface of the bearing cap and the bearing housing is often used.

It is stepped to locate and prevent misalignment during work. The bearing clearance after the wear of the bearing bush can be used to reduce the metal gasket or the scraping shaft at the split surface.

Tile metal approach to adjust.

The split type sliding bearing is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the gap between the bearing bush and the shaft can be adjusted, and the application is wider.

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