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Main function of bearing cage


The main functions of the cage are:

1. Separate the rolling elements to minimize friction and heat generation during work;

2. Keep the distance between the rolling elements equal, so that the load is evenly distributed;

3. The rolling elements of the bearing capable of swinging the detachable bearing and the inner and outer rings can not fall out;

4. Guide the rolling elements in the non-load bearing area of the bearing.

Rolling bearing cages can be subdivided into stamped and solid:

1. Stamping cage: It is made of common steel plate and sometimes copper plate. The advantage of such a cage relative to a metal solid cage is that it is lighter in weight. The stamping cage occupies a small gap between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, and the lubricating oil easily enters the bearing and remains in the cage. According to the code principle, the stamping cage is only written into the code when it is not used as a standard structure.

2. Solid cage: Made of metal, phenolic fabric and plastic. These materials are indicated in the bearing code.

Metal solid cages are used in applications where the strength of the cage is high and the temperature is high.

A solid cage can also be used when guiding with a rib. The rib-guided high-speed bearing cages are often made of light materials, such as light metal or phenolic fabrics, to ensure their low inertia.

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