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Method for ensuring reliable operation of bearings


In order to ensure that the bearing can work reliably, what should be paid attention to from the point of view of use?

Generally speaking, pay attention to the following points from the perspective of use:

1. The bearing clearance should be appropriate, and the impact should be too large. If it is too small, the lubrication will be poor and the tile may be burnt.

2. Bearing and journal surface quality and geometry should be strictly guaranteed.

3. Improve the lubrication quality, control the pressure, temperature and flow of the oil, and strengthen the oil filtration.

4. Controlling the temperature state of the diesel engine is unfavorable in the case of overcooling and overheating. In cold weather, the diesel engine should be preheated before starting, and the crankshaft should be turned by hand to make the oil enter the friction surface.

5. Use qualified fuel and lubricating oil.

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