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SKF bearing

Since the invention of the first self-aligning ball bearing 100 years ago, SKF has evolved into a knowledge-based company and now offers its customers unique solutions in five areas of technical competence. These areas include bearings, bearing units and seals, and of course extend to other areas including: lubricants and lubrication systems that play a vital role in bearing life in a wide range of applications; mechatronics, mechanics and electronics Knowledge integration is applied to the system to produce a more efficient linear motion and sensing system; and a full range of services, from design and logistics support to conditional monitoring and relying systems.

SKF's business is divided into three divisions: the Ministry of Industry, the Automotive Division and the Service Department. Each business unit serves the global market, with a focus on customers and industries related to its business.

Founded in 1907, SKF has placed great emphasis on product quality, technology development and market development from the very beginning. The Group has invested tremendous efforts in technical research and product development, and has continuously achieved various inventions and creations, opened new standards in the field of bearing technology, and introduced new products to the bearing market. Despite the expanded scope, SKF continues to be a world leader in the design, production and market development of rolling bearings, as well as in complementary models and products such as seals. SKF has always maintained an increasingly important position in the market for linear motion products, high-precision aerospace bearings, machine tool spindles and equipment maintenance services.

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