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ASAHI bearing

Japan ASAHI Asahi Metal Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Niigata Prefecture, Japan in 1954. It mainly produces various wrenches. In Japan, ASAHI is synonymous with Asahi Beer and synonymous with wrenches. ASAHI Industries Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing tools that bring joy to people. The company is a manufacturing facility that has been manufacturing tools for more than half a century. The ASAHI wrench has been trusted and highly regarded by the industry. Asahi Metal Co., Ltd. is successful because it has a group of skilled technicians who use the hot forging technology of making tough and durable tools to develop and manufacture plum wrenches, combination wrenches and hex wrenches. Of course, as a rare tool manufacturer in Japan, in order to achieve greater breakthroughs, it is also steadily stepping into the overseas market.

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