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FYH bearing

FYH is the abbreviation of Japan Ball Bearings Co., Ltd. Since the first production of PILLOW BLOCK (with rolling bearings) in Japan in 1950, it has gradually grown into a professional manufacturer of rolling bearings with support for the world's industrial development. All of the production plants with advanced technology use FYH's unique automatic self-aligning bearing manufacturing line, which is fully automated from processing to quality inspection. The rear tolerances of the bearings produced are more stringent than the Japanese industrial specifications. The bearings of the FYH trademark can be used in various demanding places such as high-speed rotation. There are about 700 standard bearings and about 300 bearing housings. The construction of thousands of bearing components has contributed a lot to the production industry. Make full use of the advantages of being a professional manufacturer, and also manufacture a bearing rolling bearing that can withstand various severe environments, such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and dust resistance, in addition to the standard products.

In addition, in recent years, in order to meet the diversity needs of customers, the company has successively invested in the production of various lightweight bearing assemblies (purification series), stainless steel series, ceramic series and other bearing components, and has been well received by all parties.

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