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NTN bearing

Founded in 1918, NTN Corporation, a Japanese listed company, is one of Japan's three major bearing companies and one of the world's five largest integrated bearing manufacturers. The company employs more than 12,000 people and has annual sales of US$2.05 billion (related sales). 2.85 billion US dollars), in Germany, the United States, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and other 12 countries and regions have established research and development institutions or production bases, the company's production of automotive drive series of important components - constant velocity universal In 2003, the company’s sales exceeded 100 billion yen, making it the world’s second largest constant velocity joint manufacturer.

Headquartered in the West District of Osaka City, it has 11 production facilities, 25 business offices and 3 research institutes in Japan; 20 wholly-owned production plants, 2 research institutes and 48 business offices abroad. NTN's production, sales, and technical departments are working hard to open up and deepen their professional fields, and at the same time organically combine them.

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