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C&U bearing

Founded in 1991, Renren Group is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in China, and is involved in commercial supermarkets, electromechanical trade and other industries. It has more than 10,000 employees and 96 subordinate enterprises with total assets of 1.6 billion yuan. In 2005, it achieved sales income of 3.3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 230 million yuan.

Renren Group has been awarded as “Top 100 Enterprises in China's Machinery Industry Core Competitiveness”, “Top 500 Private Enterprises in China” and “Top Ten Enterprises in National Key Industries”. “Human C & U” trademarks and trade names were respectively awarded. “Zhejiang Famous Trademark” and “Zhejiang Famous Trademark”, in 2005, Renben Bearing was rated as “National Inspection-Free Product”.

Renren Group is a state-level high-tech enterprise. The Group's technology center has a technical research and development team led by professional doctors and senior engineers. It develops more than 300 new products every year, in terms of vibration and noise, sealing, lubrication and bearing life of rolling bearings. The research is at an advanced level, and has achieved a large number of application results in bearing key processes, key components and technology research and development. It has mastered and owned a number of core technologies for bearing manufacturing. The Group's product technology level and quality level are at the advanced level in the industry.

People's Group implements the agency system and chain monopoly operation mode. It has established 29 family bearing marketing companies and 84 bearing sales offices and bearing specialty stores in the central cities of the country, forming a national chain network of bearing products, and in the United States and Japan has a trading company, with advanced products and quality services to meet the growing needs of customers, and work together to win-win.

 With the development of economic globalization, China's bearing industry is facing new development opportunities and challenges. Strategic cooperation and creating synergy are one of the trends of China's national industrial development in the 21st century. People's Group will adhere to the principle of "integrity is the cornerstone, and win-win is The cooperation concept of “power, unity and cooperation” cooperates with well-known enterprises at home and abroad to achieve win-win development and achieve the goal of “building the domestic bearing industry brand and ranking among the top ten in the world”, and making greater efforts to promote the development of China's bearing industry. Contribution.

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