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WX bearing

Wanxiang Group was founded in 1969. It is now one of the country's 120 pilot enterprise groups and 520 key enterprises. In 2005, it realized operating income of 25.215 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 1.240 billion yuan, and foreign exchange earned by exports of 818 million US dollars.

In August 2016, Wanxiang Group ranked 125th in the "2016 China Top 500 Enterprises". Wanxiang's main business is the auto parts industry, and it has experienced the development track from parts to components to system module supply. There are 32 professional manufacturing enterprises, and a 4 square kilometer manufacturing base has been formed in China. It has a national technology center, a national laboratory, and a postdoctoral research station.

 Since 1990, it has been listed as a separate group in Zhejiang Province. Since 1997, it has been the 120 pilot enterprise group of the State Council. Since 1999, it has been listed as a key enterprise in 520 countries nationwide and won the first China Industrial Award. Wanxiang Group was ranked as the top 500 Chinese manufacturing industry in 2010 by the China Industrial Economic Research Institute, ranking 60th!

 In 2013, on the evening of January 28th, the United States local time, in the capital Washington, the US Foreign Investment Committee officially approved, and agreed to Wanxiang Group to acquire the US A123 Systems. At the same time, Wanxiang and A123 will deliver the acquisition. This is not only a landmark event for Chinese private enterprises to successfully acquire well-known American companies, but also a milestone for Wanxiang Group to accelerate the development of clean energy industry based on traditional manufacturing.

Wanxiang has established a service network in the global market, providing warehousing and distribution services for global host and mass customers. Facing the international trend, Wanxiang will develop the main business of auto parts, connect with the international mainstream market, and integrate with international advanced technology. Multinational corporations operate, build advanced manufacturing bases, and gradually build multinational groups that operate according to international practices.

As a company with a deep sense of social responsibility, Wanxiang is willing to share the existing resources with the social enterprise colleagues, form a community of interests with the knowledgeable people, form a mutual help and mutual assistance mechanism, and go hand in hand to achieve "win-win" development.

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